Red Deer Physiotherapist presents: A guest blog post by local trainer/coach Holli Mack:


1. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Everyone is on their own fitness journey. Stop wasting your time worrying about what everyone else is doing and just focus on you. When comparing yourself to others it doesn’t make you feel empowered or excited, it makes you question yourself and your abilities. That is it not motivating! We are more than that! Use others for inspiration, not comparison.




2. What Are Your Priorities?

Before you invest in a personal trainer, you need to ask yourself an important question:

Am I willing to make health and fitness a priority, not just in the gym, but in my daily life?

Of course every personal trainer should offer you advice and guidance to make good decisions outside of the gym, but all of it could be useless if you are not willing to take action. Unfortunately the couple or few hours a week you spend with your trainer cannot undo a week of bad decisions. A healthy lifestyle should not feel like a chore, it should be enjoyed both in and out of the gym.



3. Be Honest With Yourself

It’s a lot easier to shift blame to a number of different things when you don’t see results that you were expecting. It’s your trainers fault, it’s your genetics, it’s got to be my hormones…

Well chances are you’re eating habits are holding you back. Most of the time people will engage in “secret” eating. I have done it, your trainer has done it, we all mess up sometimes. Be honest with yourself and find a healthy balance before you start playing the blame game.

Trainer/Coach Holli Mack

Tammy Twyne

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