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Nuritional Info – whole batch:

Calories   118
Fat             0g
Carbs       32g
Protein      0g
Fiber        2.2g
Serves      8-10


1 340g Package/bag cranberries, frozen
1 lemon – juice only
1/2 lemon – zest only
3tsp local/raw/organic honey
1tsp ginger root – fresh, grated
1/2 apple – peeled, diced


Place all ingredients in a small/medium sauce pan on low-med heat. Stir often while bringing to a soft boil. Continue stirring for 1-2 minutes (depending on whether you want chunky or smooth sauce). Remove from heat and cool completely before serving.

I found this amazing recipe in a magazine a few years ago and I make it every time we have turkey! For our family, I up the ginger to 3 tsp and occasionally add more lemon zest and/or juice. This is a tart, mouth popping addition to any turkey or ham dinner!

My favourite part is that it is so much cleaner than store bought. I usually make a double batch and store the leftovers in a glass sealed jar in the refrigerator. We eat it by the spoonful to boost immunity during the cold/flu season. The antibodies for fighting illness in the local raw honey, the powerful antioxidants in the cranberries, the pH regulating effects of the lemon and the immune-cell boosters in the ginger make this our Go To for fighting viruses!


Tammy Twyne

Tammy Twyne

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