Head Shave for Magdalene House RD

I discovered Magdalene House in Red Deer a few months ago. They are “a charitable organization that provides a safe environment for the full recovery of people exploited by Human Trafficking.” I want to raise awareness and much needed funds to support their work locally here in Red Deer and in the province of Alberta.

One of the core values I’ve been working to instill in my children this past year has been to Do Something With What You Have. We all have talents, gifts, resources & imagination. We need to start where we are with what we have…right now!

I have a lot of hair and a prominent voice! So for me, I decided that I would use both to build a foundation of awareness for Magdalene House and inspiration to all of you to start now…start where you are with what you have. Let’s create a positive movement at home, in our city, province and country.

My daughter volunteered to do this adventure with me this summer! So we are going to be donating our hair and shaving our heads at their fundraising golf tournament Magdalene House is holding August 21, 2015! Follow the events link on their web page www.magdalenehouse.ca for details!
My girl and I will be holding several events this summer to accomplish our goal to raise awareness and $10,000.00 by August 21!!

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