“Creating a safe space for recovery & wellness is my goal in my physiotherapy and physio-yoga-practice. Focusing on each client, providing care that empowers them to achieve their wellness goals in their own way, in their own time.”

Tammy is a highly respected physiotherapist since 1995. Graduating from Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and spending the next 20+ years working across Canada in a variety of care settings. Among many post-secondary courses, Tammy graduated from the University of Alberta in 2007 with the Certificate Program of Medical Acupuncture, instructed by Dr. Stephen Aung. This Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to physiotherapy has been strongly influencing her approach to care.

Recent Testimonials

PhitPhysio | Red Deer Physiotherapist

Stephanie Essensa

” I have worked with Tammy Twyne on multiple chronic and fresh joint issues and injuries for the past couple of years. I suffered a nasty injury to my toe in early 2014 and she was able to treat the region personally, as well as give me appropriate exercises to help hasten my recovery at home. I absolutely know that she helped me get back to being a functional, walking person again in a timely fashion. Any time I have any issues with any discomfort or pain, I know that a visit to Tammy will get me feeling great once again. Now, I tell everyone I know that if they have any issues, that they should go see Tammy, as I am fully confident that she will help get them on the path to relief.”

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