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Tammy has worked with amateur and professional athletes, “desk dwellers”, “weekend warriors”, yogis and yoginis, people with injuries from accidents and those looking to prevent injury. Her approach to care is individualized and tailored to each type of person and their goals for health & wellness.



Needle-less Acupuncture

Yoga Therapy

My non-traditional approach to physiotherapy at PhitPhysio is a fusion of +25 years of experience, Chinese Medicine training, and Yoga philosophy.  Physiotherapists assess and evaluate movement patterns, mobility, strength, balance, nervous system function, fascial function, and many other aspects of health and wellness. Among the diverse care and treatment methods used here at PhitPhysio are needle-less acupuncture, yoga postures, fascial blading, hands on manual therapy techniques for joint and soft tissue release/alignment, trigger point therapy, mobility exercises, agility and strengthening, and breathwork. I use an integrated approach to therapy, involving the client in each process as we work toward your goals. Each session is an hour of one-to-one time with your therapist.

As a physiotherapist, I completed a comprehensive program at the University of Alberta in 2007 that certified me for acupuncture and chinese medicine. Currently, the province of BC requires me to recertify to practice acupuncture in this province. So I will be using my extensive knowledge of chinese medicine to provide needle-less acupuncture, acupressure and movement of energy along the body’s meridians to treat clients here in BC. Needle-less acupuncture is performed using a small electrical stimulation tool that activates the acupuncture points effectively in a similar way as using a needle on the same points, without entering the skin surface. The sensation is often not felt at all or is experienced as a mild tingling sensation. The art of Chinese medicine is an ancient practice of realigning the body’s energy patterns to achieve balance in health, wellness and improve recovery. This treatment technique is an integrated part of the physiotherapy treatment approach here at PhitPhysio and is not billed separately from the physiotherapy sessions.

I completed an intensive yoga teacher training to achieve my 200 hour certification in 2017 and my Yin yoga certification in 2018. I have been teaching yoga classes and workshops since then. Yoga philosophy and postures is an integral part of my physiotherapy practice but I also offer specific yoga therapy that is focused on using the practice of yoga as a healing modality. We incorporate meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and postures/poses to develop a rehabilitative yoga practice for you to do at home as your therapy. These are individualized sessions with specific corrective modifications based on your needs (pain, weakness, restriction, etc). We work at a pace that is therapeutic and caring for your body, mind and spirit. Clients do not need a background or knowledge of yoga to find these sessions healing, protective and beneficial for their health and wellness. You’ll find these sessions listed as Physio-Yoga Therapy in the online schedule. All equipment is provided.

Needle-less Acupuncture
Yoga Therapy

Stephanie Essensa

Professional Fighter

 I have worked with Tammy Twyne on multiple chronic and fresh joint issues and injuries for the past couple of years. I suffered a nasty injury to my toe in early 2014 and she was able to treat the region personally, as well as give me appropriate exercises to help hasten my recovery at home. I absolutely know that she helped me get back to being a functional, walking person again in a timely fashion. Any time I have any issues with any discomfort or pain, I know that a visit to Tammy will get me feeling great once again. Now, I tell everyone I know that if they have any issues, that they should go see Tammy, as I am fully confident that she will help get them on the path to relief.


Amber Mack

Business Professional


I am a cancer survivor and as such have had a rather long history of health struggles post treatment. A couple of years ago I was having a lot of back pain that my doctor was struggling to diagnose. I was sent for x-rays, ultrasounds and bloodwork and whatnot with no definitive results. My doctor ruled out kidney cancer and a number of other things and was at a loss so suggested that perhaps my issues were musculature and suggested I try seeing a physiotherapist. I was skeptical as I had, years ago, not had a positive experience with a chiropractor and really didn’t know the difference between the two. I saw a couple of different physiotherapists and wasn’t really sure I was noticing any real results but as soon as I had my first session with Tammy I knew I was going to stay with her. She is not only compassionate, but incredibly knowledgeable and a skilled physiotherapist. She has a true gift to help heal people and also to relate in real life language what she is doing and why. She treats not just your injury sites but has a whole-body approach to therapy. She’s always incredibly patient with my multitude of questions and despite the fact that it’s not always a pleasant appointment from a pain perspective, Tammy makes me laugh and we truly make the most of it. At the end of an appointment not only do I feel physically better, I always leave feeling uplifted and renewed. Tammy is truly, in my opinion, a miracle worker!”


Dallas Smith

Powerlifter/World Record Holder

I have always been happy with the service Tammy provides. She is beyond knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and always shares what’s going on in my body when I ask…Beyond a physical manipulation of the muscles, tendons and ligaments in my body, Tammy goes above and beyond to help repair my mental and emotional body as well…Whether it’s the addition of Essential Oils in my treatment session, acupuncture, or her encouragement for me in my training and personal life, I always leave feeling whole… I’m grateful for stretches and techniques to take home so my body can be in tip top shape outside of clinic visits as well…One of the greatest blessings to my training regime and competition preparation is visiting Tammy for a “tune-up”. My sport requires symmetry of musculature, working in my body as a whole unit and Tammy doesn’t let me head to a competition without feeling strong.


Russ Dahms

Martial Artist/Muay Thai Fighter/Instructor

I first went to Tammy when I needed help preparing for a kickboxing fight. One visit with her was very informative and notably improved my athletic performance and fixed issues I had been having during training. I next went to Tammy after a motorcycle crash had me walking with an uncomfortable twist in my body. One visit and she literally straightened me out after a week of being unable to stand normally. I have since been to her numerous times for various treatments of old injuries, neglect, or bad habits that I’ve been ignoring over the years. I get obvious and satisfying results every time I go to see her, and I happily recommend her to all of my friends and associates when they need help.

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